The love affair begins

Ernest Hillier grew up in Albion, England, in Victorian times. As a young man, he left the old world for the new, beginning a journey that would lead him to become Australia’s first and finest chocolatier. 

Ernest first settled in San Francisco, where he established a chain of restaurants. When these were wiped out by the 1906 earthquake, he took his family and possessions even further into the new world, to Sydney, Australia. 

In Sydney, Ernest opened a Soda Shop and this is where he made his first chocolates. He then moved to Melbourne, seeing opportunity in a city growing through gold. 

Ernest established Hillier’s Confectionary Company, purveyors of the finest couverture chocolates. So began the company that is the longest continuously operating confectioner in Australia. 

More than a century later …

Ernest Hillier Chocolates continues to lead the way, with a dedicated team of chocolatiers constantly refining the art of chocolate making, introducing new taste sensations to chocolate lovers, and proudly crafting premium chocolates worthy of the Hillier name.  

Ernest described chocolate as ‘God’s gift to taste’ and when he couldn’t find the perfect chocolate, he created it himself. His chocolates are a gift to us.

Ernest Hillier's Chocolate Factory (c.1926)